My session was the night before my wedding so naturally I was feeling a little stress with the upcoming day. Kirsa was able to help me relax and feel like there wasn’t a care in the world! I was able to carry that relaxed state into the next day and just enjoy my wedding day with little stress. I was able to fall asleep quickly after my session and get a good night sleep before my big day!


I had been feeling a lot of stress which carried over into all parts of my life and was affecting my body in negative ways. Kirsa was able to use a combination of essential oils and yoga to help calm my stress and relieve the tension in my body. I left feeling so much happier and less stressed. I felt like I could breathe again!


It was super relaxing! I felt very pampered and it helped prepare me for my wedding day so that I felt very present and relaxed. Kirsa did a wonderful job!